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Winter/Spring 2013

With our Cabaret right in the middle of two ONYXnews production dates, we decided to issue a combined winter/spring edition. Here goes.

  The Cabaret was held April 5th (80% house) & 6th (a sell-out), following an almost-decision to cancel after it was found that our original venue had unresolved structural issues.

Special thanks to Wayne Hill, Steve McCaffrey and Doug Montgomery for providing instrumental accompaniment. They added a whole new dimension to our program. 
The Maid’s Cottage provided us with a wonderful atmosphere and an exquisite menu; capped off, of course, by their famous desserts.

And, what great audiences we had!!  They were warm, fun and enthusiastic, to say the least…encores both nights.  PLAY THE VIDEO on left for a clip from the event (thanks Johanna).
We may just do this again sometime soon, in a town near you.

So, what’s up with ONYX for the rest of the year? Funny you should ask.

We’re performing here, there and everywhere, making up for the ‘down time’ experienced during Cabaret preparations. Everyone is taking some much-needed time off for vacations; and, new music will be on the agenda throughout the rest of 2013.

In early July, we are all looking forward to taking in many of the week-long activities of the Barbershop Harmony Society’s (BHS) 75th Anniversary Convention & Competitions in Toronto. Over 6000 will be there from around the world, including more than 50 quartets and 20+ choruses vying for the top scores.
We hope to share some of our songs in the many halls/rooms of the various venues.

Speaking of the BHS, follow https://www.casa.org/content/acamartialart to an article titled A Cappella’s Martial Art; posted on-line by one of the most-respected people in the world of contemporary a cappella music, Deke Sharon (his creds are listed in the piece).

In the summer edition of ONYXnewslate July…we will feature a profile of another ONYX member, as well as a feature article about one of our partners.

Until then, be safe, happy, healthy and, don’t forget to bring ONYX along to your next special event. Just go to Contact Us and give us the details. We will be sure to get right back to you.

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