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Winter 2012

When the reminder to begin drafting each quarterly ONYX Newsletter pops up on the calendar, we're always thinking "What can we do to make this one just a little bit different from the others? - something that will be of interest and grab the reader's attention".

So, starting with this issue, we will feature someone or some organization with whom we enjoy an affiliation; this time we are introducing you to the York Region Arts Council.

Nancy Bodi


Nancy Brody, Executive Director, says:

  • The York Region Arts Council's mandate is to foster growth of the York Region arts and culture sector through marketing, education, networking and information services,

  • We help market the arts, arts and cultural organizations, and cultural events across York Region through digital media via yorkscene.com, artistmarketplace.ca, twitter, facebook, blogs and e-newsletters,

  • We provide educational services via specialized educational workshops, monthly Arts Café & Symposium events and the annual Arts Exposed York Region Arts & Culture Conference, and

  • We are launching a new series of Arts After Hours networking events.

ONYX also wants you to know that our new on-line "Media Kit" is 'live' and ready for your perusal. The kit will provide visitors to our site with a thumbnail sketch of who ONYX Vocal Band really is: what we look like; what we sound like; our availability and fee structure; and many other performance-related details, all wrapped up in one tidy package. Check it out.

2012 is shaping up to be another busy ONYX year with bookings into the fall. However, we always leave room for special private functions, like birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, weddings, customer appreciation events, etc. We enjoy these opportunities to be up close and personal.

Speaking of which...rather than engage in a "Singing Valentines" program this year, we accepted an invitation from one of our favourite places to visit, Cedarvale Lodge, in Keswick, to entertain at their Valentines party. What a wonderful time we all had!!


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