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Summer 2010

Summer, and what a glorious one it is, seems to be slipping by quicker than we all want; however, another picturesque Canadian fall will soon be upon us.

Speaking of fall (nice segue).brings us to the subject of our October 2nd show in partnership with the Brenda Scott Quartet. Details are on the poster. You can simply click on our Order Form for complete and easy ticket ordering details. Place your order now. And, be sure of the best seats in the house (stage side) by reserving a table for eight. They are limited.



As usual, ONYX had a busy spring and early summer, with performances at the community, retail, institutional, fund-raising and personal levels.

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Among our favourites were an evening with the residents, families, staff,  guests and other performers at Kingsway Arms in Scarborough (left, above) and a wedding reception for the delightful couple in the photo at right. It’s great to be up close with our audiences.

ONYX is always looking for ways to improve performances. In addition to new and challenging music, we are working with two very capable coaches, each with special areas of expertise. For the foreseeable future, our time will be spent on special selections for the Oct. 2nd show, Valentines Day musical greetings and the Upper Canada Chordsmen’s fall 2011 Western-themed show…a real knee-slapper.

Many of  you have asked why we chose the name ONYX Vocal Band? According to the dictionary, an “Onyx” is a “precious gem”, a “Band” is “a group of people joined together for a common purpose, a group of musicians (persons skilled in music – instrumental or vocal) playing together”. And, we wanted a recognizable name/brand.

Please keep us in mind for your next special event. Just be sure to give us as much advance notice as possible. Go to Events and follow the steps.

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